2014 In Review

2014 has been a bit of a crazy year, but almost like a stepping stone. I started a new job as part of my degree, I met some amazing new friends, went to Wales, went to London a load of times, and worked on some big development projects at both my new company, and with Razer.

So last year I wrote some New Year's Resolutions, and I actually stuck to one of them! I haven't drunk Coca Cola this year, not one drop. Some people thought this was a little silly, but the self restraint I showed was impressive to me.

2015 Inbound

I mentioned 2014 has felt like a bit of a stepping stone to me, and that's a positive thing. I think it's lined me up to where I want to go and what I want to do in 2015 and beyond. Here we go:

  • Read more. As of late, I've had this...almost obsession, to explore Psychology/Neuroscience and apply it to the software I design and create. I think I decided quite some time ago that I would want to integrate this into my Masters degree, and fully intend to. Reading more will allow me to gain more knowledge within the respective areas. Further, I want to build more knowledge in my subject, Software Engineering, especially older, well respected titles.
  • At least try again at this exercise thing. I think now I have a car, (oh yeah, I passed my driving test this year, yay!), I want to have a go at swimming again. I used to be a damn good swimmer. I have a gorgeous mountain bike as well, I should use that.
  • Stay happy. I'm happy right now, I think? I need to work on my strengths and weaknesses and find out what really matters to me.
  • Write a bit more. I started using Day One for journalling and I love it. But I want to try and write a little bit everyday so I know exactly what I've done, and what I can improve on.

Priority number one: have fun and enjoy. Life's an adventure.

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